Native Flutes

NOTE: Please read my Didgeridoo page in order to learn how I got my first flute.
 In 1992 I got my first Native American Style Love flute in Santa Fe, NM, and I have not stopped playing Love flutes ever since. I would play for hours on end soaking in hot springs, or camping way out in wilderness locations. My flute was always handy when I needed an “attitude adjustment”, because Love flutes have an amazing way of helping one to stop one’s mind, even when one is experiencing mental torment. When played with reverence, respect, and honor Love flutes are magical shamanic tools that allow one to remember one’s true heart.

Over the years I have owned and experimented with so many flutes from all over the world, but my heart kept leading me back to the NAS love flute. This year, 2015, I finally decided to create an entire collection of Love flutes in 432Hz only, and to no longer play in 440Hz. It was a big decision because most mainstream music is in 440Hz, and most mainstream musicians only have experience playing in 440Hz, which could seriously limit who I can play with and how. 432fHz is only 8 Hz lower, which is not huge, but it sounds “flat” to someone accustomed to 440Hz. To the experienced musician it also “feels” different until one gets used to it.

I’m very proud of my growing 432Hz Love flute collection, and it continues to grow month by month. I have flutes made by people such as: John Stillwell, Brent Haines, Rob Yard, Odell Borg, and Kuzin Bruce. I have keys from low-C up to high-A, but my collection is growing in both directions. I have many different types of wood including: zebrawood, wenge, curly maple, mahogany, walnut, canarywood, purpleheart, cherry, western cedar, aromatic cedar, cottonwood and bamboo. I love them all for the varied tones and subtle nuances that the different types of wood create. I am in awe of how “sticks” can be turned into instruments that can play such heavenly music!