1995 Ananda Hatha Yoga Teacher
1996 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Levels I and II 
1997 Integrative Yoga Therapy, 160 hr. Workbook 

At present, Prana focuses on practicing and teaching what he calls “VipassanAsana”, which is a style that he developed which combines classical Hatha postures with an intense focus on developing proprioception (the mental ability to perceive the body from the inside out).

Prana begin to practice Vipassana yoga in 1990, and has had a very steady practice up until today in 2018. He has participated in scores of 10-day silent retreats, and dozens of self-courses alone deep in the wilderness. He has also completed a 22-day and two 30-day self-courses alone deep in the wilderness while fasting only on water. He has also spent thousands of hours alone in the wilderness in silence focusing on various ascetic/yogic practices including Pranayamas and sensory deprivation. 

In 1995 he began to practice Hatha yoga and later that year became a certified teacher at Ananda ashram in California. 

In 1996 he trained with the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) program, Levels 1 and 2, and shortly thereafter began to offer private yoga therapy sessions. 

In 1997 he took the Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) training, including the 160 hour workbook, which aided him in deepening his yoga therapy abilities with individuals as well as groups.