Near-Death Experience Soiree: An Evening of Metaphysics, Music and Poetry

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Yoga Art Space, 8338 Comanche Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM

Near-Death Experience Soirée: An Evening of Metaphysics, Music and Poetry

Between the ages of 17 and 37 Prana Sati had four NDEs (Near-Death Experiences), which radically transformed the way in which he interpreted 3rd dimensional reality. After the second NDE at age 27 he devoted his life to an intensive study of metaphysics, yogic/ascetic practices, and cymatics (the science of how sound/vibration affect matter).

Prana plays a slide-didgeridoo (which can be tuned to all 12 keys), a large selection of Native American flutes, and “complex – meter” percussion, all of which are designed to induce a deep, meditative brainwave state. All instruments are tuned to 432 Hz and are played in pentatonic minor scales in order to achieve the same result.

Prana has also written many poems and songs based on his NDE experiences, and will weave together a highly entertaining presentation of metaphysics, music and poetry followed by a lively and thought-provoking Q and A session.

Sliding-Scale: $15-$30